About us

  • Expierence

    20 years of experience and costumer trust.

  • Leaders

    One of the biggest producers of polymer regranulates and compounds in Baltic states,

  • Capacity

    Capacity amounts to 15,000 MT per year.

  • High quality

    High quality PET, PP strapping materials

  • Facilities

    20,000 square meters production space on 10 areas.

  • Employees

    More than 200 employees constitute a team that strives to reach the best solution to the requirements of our costumers and build a strong and long-term partnership.




    PET STRAPPING is an ideal packaging solution for the most varied sectors in industry and craft fields. If necessary, the product can reach high levels of break strength, thus always guaranteeing the utmost reliability.


    Our clients can personalise the strapping with a print quality without equal on the market (up to 3 colours), thus allowing the company trademark to be appreciated and promoted with limited costs. Polypropylene strapping, 100% recyclable, is also extremely easy to dispose of.

    • Economical
    • Elastic (or restoration memory)
    • Resistance on shock and atmospheric impact
    • Convenient for working with, transporting and storing

    PP strap is used mainly as strapping material for packaging of small size cargo of the weight less than 500 kg. It is used in polygraph, paper and carton productions, food and wood processing industries as well as in bullding industries.

    • Light
    • Strong
    • Easy to use
    • Security and aesthetic appearance of goods
    • Does not rust
    • Is suitable for manual and mechanical packing
    • Steady against temperature fluctuations from -10 to 50 C
    • Can be made on carton or plastic core

    Produced and specially developed material by POLIVEKTRIS which combines properties of both PP and PET polymers. The strap made of such polymer covers sectors of usage of both PP and PET strap. I.e. the strap could be used for packaging of small sized goods as well as for “strong” packaging. Using of the strap in many cases helps to save on the processes of packaging goods and products. Detailed information could be provided upon request.


    Winding: PET and PP twine available as coreless cylindrical bobbins and hanks cross winding with ordinary styling and internal thead unwinding.

    PET and PP twine possess high mechanical property, is resistant to chemical and biological influence, does not lose strenght when wet, is not exposed to UV radiation, resistant to temperature extremes.

    PET and PP twine is used in agriculture, for packaging cardboard waste and paper products for packaging of various printed matter, banding of paper and cardboards items in trade, in private life, out of town – for packaging, baling, for household and auxiliary needs.

    • Easy to use
    • Resistant to chemical and biological influence
    • Does not lose strength when wet
    • Is not exposed to UV radiation
    • Resistant to temperature extremes

    Cable tie –product which is manufactured from durable and flexible polymer material. Cable ties is not just one of the the most high-quality and convenient, but at the same time the most economical ways of fixing cables and wires in the process of conducting electrical work what guarantees the reliability of the fixing of cables and its fixation, which greatly facilitates installation and minimizes the time spent for work.

    • Long service life
    • Secure fastening
    • Resistance to mechanical stress
    • Strength
    • Resistance to temperature changes (from -40 ° C to + 95 ° C)
    • Low cost of plastic clamp from manufacturers (in comparison, for example, with metal)
  • PP CORRUGATED SHEET (cartonplast)

    PP corrugated sheet (cartonplast) is one of the modern materials, representing polymer sheets with corrugated structure of different sizes and density, based on POLYPROPYLENE with minerall fillers and produced by extrusion process. By it‘s structure very similar to PC sheets, but more flexible. Polypropylene sheets may differ in their properties, color, and surface quality, the degree of its evenness and strength. Compounds with other polymers of propylene and ethylene increase properties such as resistance to low temperatures, toughness, so the products of these copolymers are practically not crack.

    • Absence of water absorption
    • Resistance to chemically aggressive environments
    • Resistance to low and high temperatures
    • Good resistance to corrosion
    • Lightweight
    • Can be sterilized with hot water or steam up to + 120C
    • Excellent dielectric properties
    • Higher statistical load


  • POLYAMIDE (PA6, PA66) materials and compounds

    Polyamide (PA) 6, 66, of natural, white and black (dyed Master Batch) color extrusion grade pellets. Polyamide (PA) 610, 612, 11, 12 of natural, and black color extrusion grade pellets. The material suits for injection molding and compounding and can be glass or mineral filled upon your request.

  • PP materials and compounds

    PP (unfilled polypropylene)

    Polypropylene (PP) is a universal plastic which can be used with a lot of standardised applications. In order to meet needed requirements additives, stabilisers and fillers can be added into standard PP.

    PP compounds with glass fibres

    Reinforcements/Fillers in the form of glass fibres to PP compounds give better stiffness, higher mechanical toughness and better heat resistance and are more aesthetically pleasing. Stiffness, toughness, firmness and creep strength in the component are increased by reinforcing the plastic matrix with glass fibres. We can offer PP compounds based on homopolymers and copolymers in varying degrees of GF filling.

    PP Compounds with talc / chalk

    Talc is added to the base PP improves the stiffness, dimensional stability, heat resistance and creep behaviour. Filling PP compound with chalk provides about a small improvement in the stiffness while impact toughness values remain constant.

  • PET materials and compounds

    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a hard, stiff, strong, dimensionally stable material that absorbs very little water. It has good gas barrier properties and good chemical resistance except to alkalis (which hydrolyse it). Its crystallinity varies from amorphous to fairly high crystalline; it can be highly transparent and colourless but thicker sections are usually opaque and off-white.

    We offer a wide range of PET compounds which also includes post consumer value added recycled grades. These cost effective products give competitive advantages not only in material costs but also in environmental regulations and commitments.

  • PC materials and compounds

    Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic that offer exceptional toughness over a wide temperature range and are characterized by a combination of toughness, transparency, heat and flame resistance, and dimensional stability.

    • Excellent flammability resistance
    • Good electrical properties
    • High wear resistance
    • Very good surface finish
    • Low moisture absorption
    • Good mechanical strength
    • High dimensional stability – low warpage
    • Excellent impact properties, even at low temperature
    • Heat resistance – can be used within temperature range -40°C to 120°C
    • Good flow and processing properties

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