PP corrugated sheet (cartonplast) is one of the modern materials, representing polymer sheets with corrugated structure of different sizes and density, based on POLYPROPYLENE with minerall fillers and produced by extrusion process. By it‘s structure very similar to PC sheets, but more flexible. Polypropylene sheets may differ in their properties, color, and surface quality, the degree of its evenness and strength. Compounds with other polymers of propylene and ethylene increase properties such as resistance to low temperatures, toughness, so the products of these copolymers are practically not crack.

  • Absence of water absorption
  • Resistance to chemically aggressive environments
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures
  • Good resistance to corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Can be sterilized with hot water or steam up to + 120C
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Higher statistical load

Higher statistical load

  • Waterproof gasket in refrigerators, refrigeration plants
  • Automotive industry: automotive components
  • Construction industry, as heat – and waterproof for walls, floors, roofs
  • Manufacture of formwork, signboards, tablets
  • Plastic packaging (boxes; layers; gaskets, seals, protection; racks, storage systems and others)
  • Walls of the various containers and containers, boxes, spacers
  • Poster panels for advertising

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