PET strap

PET STRAPPING is an ideal packaging solution for the most varied sectors in industry and craft fields. If necessary, the product can reach high levels of break strength, thus always guaranteeing the utmost reliability.

Our clients can personalise the strapping with a print quality without equal on the market (up to 3 colours), thus allowing the company trademark to be appreciated and promoted with limited costs. Polypropylene strapping, 100% recyclable, is also extremely easy to dispose of.


State-of-the-art technology modern German equipment, know-how and experienced and knowledgeable specialists are some of the components guaranteeing the extra-high pro duct quality that often not only equals but exceeds the products of many of the world’s leading manufacturers of PET and PP strapping

We guarantee our  clients and partners the possibility of  long-term contracts, flexible discount systems, high quality  and a wide range of products.

During the last years PET has become an increasingly  popular material for producing heavy-duty packing  tape pushing out the more conventionally used steel tape

The high  teardurability in combination with  plasticity and  lightness of PET strapping makes it irreplaceable when used in various industries for packing metal-rolling products, metallurgical equipment, construction materials, home appliances, timber products, bricks, etc. Polymer strapping used for packing ensures the optimal security of the cargo during transportation, loading/unloading and storage. Unlike steel strapping, working with polymer strapping ensures high safety in terms of injuries and a high production culture. It does not oxidize (corrode) and has a good aesthetic appearance.



Given durability features comparable to those of steel strapping, polyester is better than metal by a number of parameters:

  • Economical:
    Given the higher durability of polyester  (PET) the cost of packing cargoes with it is  20-30% strapping. In addition,   PET strapping weighs 7 times less than steel strap ping.  For heavy products such strapping is more reliable and cheaper than steel strapping;
  • Elastic (or restoration memory):
    If the cargo volume decreases, it is compensated for by the strapping due to its ability to reverse deformation. The strapping is very tight and thus retains its fastening capacity. The strapping’s tensile strength is important not only with dynamic loads but also when the cargo is deformed. For example, when lifting a pack of timber with a fork lift truck the edges of the pack sag, which leads to strapping extending at the sides. Soft steel  strapping in such a case will  become extended but will not return to its original form, so that, later, when the pack is placed on the ground, they will slacken. Polyester strapping will extend with  the pack deformation and later when no deformation is in place they will return to it‘s original state  and the cargo will remain securely fixed. Another example of change in the size of  a cargo packed  during the manufacturing processing is the decrease of timber  pack volume in drying facilities.  As a rule,packs are  tied with strapping before placing them in drying facilities. After drying, strapping without tensile strength slackens  on the pack  which requires tightening or full repacking. Polyester strapping, after removal  from the drying facility,  tightly binds the pack, which saves time and packing materials.
  • Resistance on shock and atmospheric impact:
    The load that can be indured by PET strapping is comparable to and even better than that of steel strapping. Polyester does not stain and leaves rust stains on the cargo; Polyester strapping are as durable as steel ones and are much better that the latter in terms of their resistance to dynamic loads and show better performance in the case of deformation and change in the size of the cargo packed. An important feature for consumers is durability to temperature impact. The cold endurance of Polyester strapping reaches minus 45 – 50 degrees, which allows it to be  used for packaging timber materials in winter even in northern regions.
  • Convenient for working with, transporting and storing:
    PET strapping is an alternative for steel strapping and is more suitable for securing cargoes during transportation. The weight of PET strapping is much less than that of steel sharp edges ensure no cuts. The strapping does not rust when stored and maintains it‘s aesthetic appearance. PET strapping does not damage the cargo surface which in most cases allows the non use of protective corner caps. And no danger of injury exists.

PET strap is used for tying goods and cargoes of medium and large weight; strapping width 9-32mm, thickness 0,3-1,5mm. It is possible to produce PET strapping of any size, according to the customer‘s needs.